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Research into the subject of Mediumship , Life after Death and related Scientific Investigation.

One of the purposes of this website is to provide sources of information to which enquirers can in their own time review material which refers to these subjects .

For obvious reasons we are unable to accept any responsibility in any way for information contained at this web site.


On  YOU TUBE  there is lots of videos that have excellent information relating to the above subjects

The videos may be of assistance to people who wish to do their own research  and or due to 

family commitments , economic circumstances ,personal  health issues , geographical location  , 

employment issues and caring for loved ones ,are not at the present time able to attend in person 

any meetings and workshops on spiritual subjects .


Listed below are the names of some authors whom you may wish to  search on You Tube .

Near death Experiences  ( commonly referred to as NDE,s .)


Eben Alexander  a USA neurosurgeon who lapsed into a coma and had an NDE .His book is called  Proof of Heaven 

Mary Neal  , an spinal orthopaedic surgeon . Her book is called To Heaven and Back .

She had a Kayaking accident and was under water for a long time before being rescued .


Videos 0n the following mediums are also available on YOU TUBE 

Gordon Smith  UK medium                       Gordon Higginson 

Tony Stockwell                                        Allison Dubois.

John Edwards                                         Estelle  Roberts

Suzanne Giesmann                                  Albert   Best  

Maurice Barbanell / Silver Birch 

NOTE   :  The length of videos vary from  !0 minutes to  55 minutes plus 

This page is a work in progress and additional information will  be added in due course. 

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