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Private Readings

A private reading is a form of Spirit communication which is done on a one to one basis .

We like to make a private reading an uplifting and an enjoyable experience , and see myself as a telephone exchange between this world and the next .

We invite people to consider the view that although the physical body has died ,the spirit of your loved ones does not die , they simply move on to the world of spirit .

The spirit world exists on a different rate of vibration than our material world .

In mediumship we seek with love  to build a bridge between the two worlds by attuning ourself to a different vibration , that enables us to link with your loved ones , family ,relatives and friends in spirit and to relay intelligent evidential information to you , with a view to helping you to bring closure and healing to go forward in your life .

Evidential information can and does embrace a wide range of areas including - personality , significant name , significant place , occupation , sport/hobby , relationship , health matters , physical appearance , shared memory , special event , special interest , age and manner of passing .

Any attempt to communicate with Spirit is , by its very nature , purely experimental, is for entertainment purposes , and therefore results cannot be guaranteed .

We always invite people to keep an open mind and please remember , we are dependant on the wishes of your loved ones , family and friends who wish to communicate with you , we are unable to "call up" someone whom you may be specifically seeking to contact.

Telephone (m) 0417 576 486 ) Private Readings available  on Zoom or 

IPAD Facetime 

Notes re Readings

Esoteric Research Pty Ltd and Ray Napier will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings ,events ,workshops and anything else contained herein ,and are for entertainment purposes ,spiritual growth , an experiment and guidance purposes only . Nothing is set in stone 100% . It is your own personal responsibility with what you choose to do with the information . This includes any actions you take . . All information ,sessions , events and advice given to you are not a substitute for and should not take the place of any medical , legal ,relationship , psychological / psychiatric care or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional person. 

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