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 From  Mal  C 

This reading occurred at a public Afternoon of Mediumship demonstration at Tumbetin Spiritual Centre Inc in late 2017.

" I was sitting there, not really taking in what Ray was saying when my ears pricked up . Ray was describing a female who had a scar on her face .

This was caused when she was in a car accident on a country road. Ray went on to say she had surgery and rehab .

I then realized it could be my old school friend .

I said to Ray , I think you are talking about my friend Gayle .

He said she just wants to ask you to forgive her .

I told him , I had lost contact with her years ago , but didn,t

know she had died . We had a falling out .

I told Ray it was my birthday that week and Gayle had been on my mind .

I did some searching and found Gayle had died earlier
that year .



From Kerrin  F 


There have been many occasions when I have seen Ray Napier.  I have seen people

 get  heart warming and affirming messages through Rays mediumship .

 I myself have had readings given to me by Ray.

No 1


On December 31st 2008   I had a very special and beloved friend pass over after 

a short battle with stage  4 cancer .   Just a few months later Ray brought  my friend through .     

He mentioned that this person was a true matriarch in her family  and that family

 was so important to her .  He said , smiling  " Just as yours is to you  "she said .

 then with a little chuckle he said she mentioned that her and I had shovelled a lot 

of manure together .

That we had been there for each other through thick and thin and had prayed 

together   for our families and that our friendship was something special . 


No  2


On June 22nd 2009 my mother passed away . Eleven weeks later the day after 

the anniversary of my mothers birthday Ray brought my Mum through .

Ray described my mothers nature so clearly and mentioned that he believed

 that she had some sort of depression or mental illness .This is so true .


Then looking to his side , he seemed to be thinking for a moment and then

 putting his hand out beside him palm down  he said that there was a young  

child just behind and just to her side .  Its a boy !  he said  about this high . 

About six or seven , maybe eight . He seems a bit shy .

There were others things that were brought through which meant a lot to me

 at the time ,but these are the points of both readings that stood out so much

 to me at  the time .


And  both those messages came with messages of strength and purpose that

 were instrumental in helping me to navigate an extremely difficult and 

challenging time weeks after my Mum came through .


Ray knew nothing of me or any of my family and yet those readings were

 so accurate .The little boy in the second  reading was my brother who died

 just two months short of his seventh birthday .


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